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About Us

NHAGHEP CO., LTD, please send to customers greeting respect!
NHAGHEP CO., LTD always taken the motto: "Leading construction quality, achieve special aesthetic and prestigious brands" as the leading standard for customer service. For each project, we will focus on intellectual resources, build the optimal solution, the feasibility of construction organization and technical methods and materials of construction machinery on schedule for all Contracting works. During construction and installation NHAGHEP CO., LTD always ensure compliance with the design, the materials used to ensure compliance with standards and requirements for quality of works.

With the aim of best quality, progress and unbeatable prices, NHAGHEP CO., LTD always wanted a supplier and construction, is a leading and reliable partner of our customers.

Vision (Vision)
Become a professional supplier best, most powerful products: Panel PU, manufactured housing, BTS Shelter House, fireproof door service for the construction industry to bring high economic efficiency and environmental protection .
Mission (Mission)
Creation of sustainable value for the construction, with superior solutions satisfy Vietnamese technical requirements, economically efficient, and environmentally friendly.
Business Philosophy (philosophy)
We offer not just products. Each customer is a friend of gratitude, to join hands for the career development of the construction industry in Vietnam and environmental protection.
Do not just stop at the supply of our products, are willing to provide equipment, sharing of experience and technology in the creation of application products from PU, ...

NHAGHEP CO., LTD is a professional unit, leading in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and supplying various kinds of high-tech materials and reach the international leading standard for the quality of construction materials such as 3-layer Sun PU Panel, Panel EPS insulating, used as wall or cover outside, bulkhead, ceiling drop, roofing, cold storage ...; Steel safety door, fire doors, emergency exits ...; Prefab floor 1,2,3 ...; PU mixing sprayer;
- The panel PU, EPS insulating panel used for the construction of civil and industrial. Our unit specialized in selling, leasing manufactured home, mobile home has features: sound insulation - insulation - super light with only the cost price bang½ construction, complete construction time fast and time warranty period of up to 20-30 years.
- Construction of factories, mills and other steel structural works, mechanical works ...
- Vietnam Hung proud to be the manufacturer of processing cores erect fireproof door PU top paint spray Vietnam. Commitment durable, the cheapest market.

With a staff of highly qualified workers and skilled, the equipment, the most modern machinery, NHAGHEP CO., LTD we have successfully implemented many factory buildings, prefabricated buildings for Large corporations such as: Group Viettel, Vietnam Telecommunications Corporation, the plant provides electronic components for Sam Sung Corporation Vietnam, the tabernacle for the Mong Duong thermal process I, the operator for hydropower Ta Loi 2 and many other project works, ...; NHAGHEP CO., LTD provides 100 sets of fire doors (including the exit door, room doors, doors) for buildings Apartment in Vinh, Supply door for University Development Corporation, Hai Long, Vietwindow and agencies other small retail ...

In the process of production and business activities, we always grew in all respects according to the pace of development of the country. We have the capacity of people, equipment, production facilities and finances to provide construction and project works with large-scale caliber.

Thank you very much!