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Prefab Container and development trend in Vietnam
Houses appropriate container on a variety of terrain from urban areas to the plains or hills. Above all it is made of steel with high tensile strength longevity of the container should last up to 50 years, although a faded ... so little environmental waste generated

Using concrete tilt-up in housing construction
The policy of the Government is to develop social housing with low price and high quality to meet the growing requirements of demand for houses for workers in the country

Prefab Cheap 3D
Prefab Cheap 3D
Only 1/4 of the price, but the quality of products equivalent foreign goods, such as manufactured housing comply with 3D wall molding presses, by engineer Tran Son Tuong, company Morningstar, done.

Mobile home - the brainchild of architect
I was really touched by the little house with an area from 13-19m2, simple but still comfortable, is on display in showrooms of company products in 292T - 1A - Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, Dist 12, TP. HCM

Houses built using lightweight materials assembled
This material, called 3D, is well suited to cramped construction conditions in cities and places with soft ground.